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Find out the doctor’s advice to get rid of Knee Pain

The easiest way to get rid of knee pain
Often the pain of a knee can be very painful. It can be hindered everyday activities. India’s one of the Orthopedics and Traumatology specialists Dr. Sanjay Aggarwal said that now the knee pain is seen much more than before. These problems have increased due to unhealthy diet and living conditions. Due to not being well-muscular muscle with weight gain, knee pain has become very common. Experts have advised how to get rid of such pain. This makes it quite comfortable. Life will be a little easier.
  1. Take the right foods: The effect of eating whatever affects the body directly. Nutritious food builds strong knees. So take nutritious food.
  2. Vitamin D: Vitamin D creates a strong bone with calcium at any age. There is a relation of osteoporosis with the lack of vitamin D. Vitamin match in sunlight. However, you can take compliance supplement.
  3. Leave high heel shoes: High heel shoes are deadly harmful for the body. If anyone wearing it for a long period of time, there will be pain in different parts of the body. Studies have shown that women who wear high heel shoes suffer from knee pain.
  4. Weight loss: Two legs carrying body weight. The pressure came and fell in the knee. If the weight of the upper part is increased then there may be knee pain. Weight loss is possible through regular exercise and food control.
  5. Get accustomed to healthful foods: Many people do not accept the control of food once they do it. But get accustomed to a diet. You can take expert advice in this work.
  6. Exercise: Senior Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Pankaj Bajaj said, to ensure that the exercise is going on smoothly. Wrong exercise makes a pain in the knee. Yoga expert Efa Shroff said, exercise and rest are important in the right way. Otherwise, there may be pain in different places like walking.
  7. Expert advice: There are many times osteoporosis. But due to the lack of awareness it remains. So one should be tested under an expert.
Three kinds of exercises can get rid of knee pain. Take a picture about these.
  • An exercise is the wall slide

Stretch your back on the walls and keep the spine slowly. Push down on the back and slowly gear down the wall. Stay in bed while kneeling. Stand up and maintain the pressure on the spinal cord.
  • Another effective exercise is the short arch quad.
Make a thick towel round. Even after leaving the knee, keep your back on the floor. Make a foot knee high. Take your legs off for a while. Now fold the other legs in the same way and take down.
  • Briz : This exercise strengthen the hamstring and hip bone in the back of the knee. Lie down on the floor. Fold the knees in two legs. Take the waist upwards with your legs and hands. Come back again.

Remember, do not put too much pressure on the knee or other bones during exercise. Be careful when running, swimming, trimming, or brisk walking.

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