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In the process of losing weight and having fit, women often make mistakes like less eating, do not work according to body type and expect immediate results. It is important to focus on balanced eating of all nutrients and exercise like a fun other than annoying work.
Here are 5 most essential fitness tips for new-age women who are who are too caught up with their work, due to lack of time to do fitness:

5 most essential fitness tips for working women1. Healthy Breakfast

A healthy breakfast should be maintained with the addition of fiber and glucose to retain energy throughout the day. Breakfast should be light, healthy and nutritious, as out of all three meals, breakfast is very important. Choose food rich in fiber, protein, calcium, vitamins and glucose, because it provides energy for the whole day and meets the body’s requirements.

2. Replace junk food with healthy snacking 

The first rule to maintain a healthy body is to remove unhealthy junk and oily foods from daily routines because it will affect your exercise routine and immune system. So switching to healthy snacking rich protein, calcium, fat, carbs, minerals, and fiber will help maintain weight and reduce the risk of various diseases.

3. Follow the ideal exercise pattern

Ideal exercise pattern should be followed like walking, running to tone the body. It is suggested that women should exercise at least three hours a week to reach fitness goals.

4. Keep your body hydrous

When we do exercise we lose a lot of sweat, for which water is the best source that regenerates the body with enough energy for the day. To avoid dehydration, Drinking of water in regular intervals is needed.

5. Avoid crab-rich foods

Refined carb-rich foods such as cookies, chocolate, honey and white rice should be avoided because they increase your blood sugar levels, produce more insulin and increase your body fat. Therefore daily diet should be rich in vitamins, protein and calcium to maintain the fitness of your body.



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