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In less than 20 percent cases, Ovarian cancer, also known as a silent killer, is diagnosed early. Know the rest of the symptoms.

If you are a woman who has been living on earth for over 14 years, you would know how important your ovaries are. These two white glands not only produce the eggs, one of which forms a baby, but also produce estrogen and progesterone, hormones that guarantee fertility and optimum reproductive functioning of your body. Of course, any threat to your ovaries can be a threat to your life and, in particular, to your fertility. Ovarian cancer is a risk that can affect women between 16 and 65 years of age. This type of cancer is often undetected and is usually only diagnosed when it has become life – threatening because it spreads to the stomach and pelvis.

But ovarian cancer can be treated. What is important is that it is detected in the early stages when the tumor can be completely eradicated. The early symptoms of ovarian cancer are unfortunately not very specific and may be mistaken for other, less dangerous disorders or lifestyle changes. There are six common ovarian cancer symptoms that you should not ignore:

1. In abdomen – Bloating and swelling

The size of your abdomen can increase and you may feel gassy. You may also feel unusually full after eating, although you don’t eat much. Heartburn is common, too.

2. Frequency of urination can be increase

Your urination can increase in frequency and you may also experience pain or other urinary problems. While this may also mean that you have UTI or that your pelvic muscles are weak, be careful to see how urgent they are.

3. Weight Loss

Unexplained weight loss and loss of appetite can be signs of ovarian cancer. This can be accompanied by nausea and menstrual changes.

4. Constipation and changes of bowel

Defecation can become problematic, and you can experience constipation and diarrhea cycles. Indigestion becomes recurrent in this cancer.

5. Pain

You can feel pain in your back and abdomen. Intercourse can also be painful as your pelvic pressure increases.

6. Fatigue

Ovarian cancer can be the cause if you constantly feel tired and low in energy.

You need to pay attention to the whispers of ovarian cancer to prevent it from becoming a silent murderer. If you experience more than 3 of these symptoms at once and they become frequent or worsen, visit a doctor early.

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