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Breastfeeding is a lovely experience. Your baby’s breastfeeding is not only meets its nutritional needs, but also helps you connect with your baby. If you’re a new mother, you’re going to do many tasks at once. You can practice before your baby wakes up, call in the afternoon when you make your baby naps. Your life changes according to your child’s routine. Sometimes you can even use your mobile phone for text while breastfeeding your baby to make sure that you don’t lose out with your baby or close people on time. Although this is quite understandable, there may be a few reasons why mixing cell phones and breastfeeding may not be such a good idea. Let’s see why the two activities don’t go together.

Why shouldn’t You use a cell phone during breastfeeding?

Why to avoid mobile phone use while breastfeeding
Texting is known as brexing while breastfeeding. In this day, we can not deny that our mobile phones are an extra part of our body. Without our mobile phones, we can not imagine our lives. However, being glued to your phones can make you miss other important life experiences, such as being fully present with your child during breastfeeding. Here are some reasons why you should try not to use a smartphone during nursing:

1. It impedes eye contact

Studies show that eye contact between a mother and a child while breastfeeding during the first 6 months of his life is extremely important to strengthen maternal attachment. If you look at your phone on and off while breastfeeding, you may miss your baby’s eye contact. Research also shows that eye contact between a mother and the baby synchronizes emotions and brains. This helps to improve the baby’s future learning and communication skills. 

2. It can cause your baby to have a hard time

When you’re distracted while breastfeeding on your phone, your child can feel the shift in your attention and start babbling or even pull your face towards him. This could be adorable, but it can make him more and more sensitive. A study called the ‘ still face experiment’ showed that children notice the blank expression of their parents. The study found that babies tended to catch the attention of their parents. They want adults to notice them, which causes their stress hormones to act. Some weeks later, when the same thing happens, they even begin to panic and cry.

3. It will distract your attention

Breastfeeding and texting can cause you to run the risk of missing the small clues of your baby, as it distracts your focus from the task at hand. For example, to make sure your baby gets the most milk from your breasts, you need to perfect the latch technique. Brexting’ may cause you to slip from this technique and you may not even notice that your baby has trouble getting adequate milk from your breasts, as your eyes will be elsewhere. Breastfeeding is the perfect time to swim in the feeling of being a mother who nurses her child. You won’t do the same for your baby once he grows up, so make sure you revel in it without any textual distractions.

4. There is a risk of radiation exposure

Mobile phones emit radiation and your baby, being so tiny, can absorb these radiations. Microwave radiation is mostly continuous, but cell phone radiation is usually inconsistent. However, they can still damage the structure of a baby’s DNA, brain cells and cause cancer and other diseases. The World Health Organization (WHO) declares cell phone radiation as a Class 2B carcinogen, which is the same as lead, jet fuel and DDT. So make sure you keep your cell phone away from your baby not only while breastfeeding, but also almost all the time.

5. It can make you fail to track patterns of nursing

Babies have certain patterns when breastfeeding and it is important that you keep track of them so that your child gets the best amount of milk. You can catch slight changes when you pay attention, such as if your baby is struggling to suck the milk or if he is not comfortable with his position or if he wants to burp in the middle. Sometimes you also notice that your baby is sleeping while breastfed, in such a case you have to blow his hair gently or move his little toes to wake him. Such things may not be noticed when you write or watch something on your phone.

It is therefore important for new moms to use their mobile phones to a limited extent. Do not use a smartphone while you are breastfeeding because you may miss the joy of being close to your child later in life. Breastfeeding is a phase you will enjoy, so make it a memorable one. Do not use your mobile during breastfeeding, concentrate on the needs of your baby and observe his reactions.

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