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There is a single type of infection inside the mouth of children, which is known as yeast Infection or thrush. This infection usually falls on a white layer of white color. It can cause pain in the mouth and bad breath. In addition to infants, it can be an infection in the face of an adult who is still taking antibiotics. Take a look at some of the domestic remedies –

What to do if you have a tongue infection?1. Probiotics or yogurt

Yogurt can reduce the tongue infection. Because the useful bacteria in it is able to eliminate other germs in the mouth.

2. Take care of your mouth

It is important not only brush your teeth regularly, but also brush your tongue. Along with this, use of mouthwash should be regular. Then the tongue infection can be removed.

3. Salt water

Use of salt water helps to overcome the tongue infection. After mixing salt with light hot water and using it in the mouth helps to eliminate yeast Infection.

4. Change in diet

Eating sugar leads to the yeast. Due to this, sugar intake should be reduced if it is thrushed. In addition if the breastfeeding child is affected from tongue infection, mother should also reduce the habit of having sugar.

5. Baking soda

Mix two tablespoons of baking soda in one cup of water and take it in your mouth for a while. It created an unpleasant environment for the yeast in the mouth. However, this remedy can not be used for children. 
If these domestic remedies do not eliminate the tongue infection , then doctor should be shown. Usually anti-yeast and anti-fungal medicines are used to easily eliminate this infection.

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