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Cut the beard like this? Be careful, sperm count can be reduced!In today’s busy life, irregular diet and stress has become a very common problem of infertility. But the matter of concern is that this problem is increasing day by day. Statistics say that males are responsible for 30-50 percent infertility. Infertility treatment must be, but it is quite cost-effective. But irregular diet, in addition to overly emotional or physical stress, has come up recently, which is closely linked to the life of a man. A habit that increases the risk of men’s infertility is a lot. And that habit is the use of shaving creams while bearding. At the time of cutting a beard at home or saloon, you will use fragrances, expensive shaving cream and after shave! Be careful, sperm count can be reduced! Surprised! Yes, this is exactly what has been claimed in a US research report.

A US study report has claimed that men who use shaving cream while making beard are more likely to lose their sperm count. Researchers at Massachusetts Amherst University said in their report that most shaving creams are increasing the use of excessive chemicals. The use of these chemicals has harmful effects on the body. Sperm production capacity can be reduced with loss of skin and health.
In this US report further claims, the presence of a kind of chemical called the phthalate matched in several shaving creams. These chemicals are usually used to increase the flexibility of plastic accessories. This phthalate breaks the protein of sperm. As a result, sperm can not be turned and its production deficit arises. According to the researchers, normally it takes 72 days to become a sperm. Sperm Protein is affected by the phthalate and the result is interrupted. As a result sperm count can be reduced. Not only this, sperm can lose performance. As a result, the likelihood of men’s infertility increased a lot.
However, not only shaving cream, the presence of phthalate has been found in room fresheners, shampoo, soap. So, from now on, take a look at these elements before buying them.

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