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Mesothelioma which is a cancer of the mesothelium, it is a protective membrane that lines most of the body’s internal organs. In all four cases of mesothelioma disease, three cases begin in the plurulal mesothelium of the chest cavity. It can also initiate in the abdominal cavity and around the heart. Wherever they originate, malignant mesothelium cells can invade and damage tissues in the vicinity. Cancer cells can also be spread in metastasize or other parts of the body.
The disease is often advanced by the time mesothelioma is diagnosed. The five-year survival rate is 5 to 10 percent. The majority of mesothelioma patients die from respiratory failure or pneumonia. Some patients develop a small intestine blockage when the tumor passes through the diaphragm. A smaller number of heart complications die when the tumor invades the pericardium, the thin membrane around the heart, and the heart itself.
Mesothelioma is a cancer that is relatively rare. Around 3,000 new disease cases are diagnosed in the United States. Every year.

Causes of Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma Overview 2019 | Causes and Symptoms – healthtips24Working with asbestos is the main risk factor for mesothelioma. Asbestos is a thin microscopic fiber mineral group. Since these fibers are heat, fire and chemicals resistant and do not generate electricity, asbestos has been mined and widely used in construction, automotive and other industries.
When small asbestos fibers are released into the air during the production process, they can be inhaled or swallowed, causing serious health problems. Up to 75% of mesothelioma cases can be associated with workplace asbestos exposure. Some evidence also shows that family members and others living with asbestos workers are at increased risk for mesothelioma and possibly other asbestos-related diseases. This risk may be due to the exposure of asbestos powder to the clothes and hair of asbestos personnel. There have also been cases of mesothelioma in people who live near asbestos mines.
However, mesothelioma has been reported in some people with no known asbestos exposure. Other, unusual but potential causes include:


These minerals are chemically associated with asbestos. According to the American Cancer Society, one of these minerals, erionite, is common in the soil in some areas of Turkey. Erionite exposure is believed to be responsible for high rates of mesothelioma in these areas.


The American Cancer Society notes that several reports of mesotheliomas have been published that developed after exposure to high doses of radiation in the chest or abdomen or after thorium dioxide injections( Thorotrast), a material used by doctors in certain chest X- rays until the 1950s.

SV40 virus

Some laboratory animal studies have raised the possibility that simian virus 40 (SV40) infection could increase the risk of mesothelioma, according to the American Cancer Society. Some injectable polio vaccines from 1955 to 1963 were contaminated with SV40, which exposed up to 30 million people in the United States. To virus. To virus. To date, the largest studies dealing with this problem in humans have not found an increased risk of mesothelioma or other cancers in children receiving the contaminated vaccines.


Some experts think that some people are genetically susceptible to mesothelioma. The disease rates vary among populations.

Symptoms of Mesothelioma

Symptoms of mesothelioma usually do not appear until 20 to 50 years after initial exposure to asbestos. The principal symptoms of lung mesothelioma are shortness of breath and pain in the chest. The accumulation of fluid in the pleura caused by mesothelioma can also contribute to the shortness of breath if it is large enough.

The peritoneal( abdominal) mesothelioma symptoms may include:

  • Weight loss 
  • Swelling and pain in the abdomen 
  • Blood clotting abnormalities 
  • Bowel obstruction 
  • Anemia 
  • Fever
If cancer has spread to other parts of the body, pain, difficulty swallowing, or swelling of the neck or face may be symptoms.
Since many conditions share these symptoms, mesothelioma does not necessarily mean that you have these symptoms. It is important to check with your doctor what causes them.

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