Whole Cabbage Head Saurekrout

There are few who know that you can actually ferment whole cabbages. Yes, the salt and water reach the core and makes perfect Saurekrout. In my opinion, it is even more delicious. The best part, the water is healthy and can be consumed as a beverage. The water contains all the health benefits as the cabbage, if not even more. The best part is that you can make the heads in bulk two to three times a year. The best season to make them is winter. Because in summer you won’t be able to keep them for long. When it comes to the taste, whole heads and sliced cabbage Saurekrout has a somewhat different flavor and the heads are better in my opinion.

Prep: 1h

Cook: /
Total: 2h
Servings: 10 heads cabbages
10 cabbages (smaller are better)
** Directions:

  1. You will need a barrel that will fit 10 cabbage heads.
  2. Clean the first layer of leaves of the cabbages. Now remove the cord making like making a hole.
  3. Now one at a time, fill the hole fully with salt and place the cabbage inside the barrel with the cord facing up.
  4. Repeat the process with the remaining heads. You might have space left between the heads what I do is add half heads or quarters to fill in space. But you can leave it as it is.
  5. Now in a large bowl add warm water and add salt to taste. The water shouldn’t be salty but to have a neutral salty taste. Repeat this until you fill the whole barrel with water.
  6. To keep the cabbages in place a larger plate over them and place a jar filled with water.
  7. Close the barrel tightly.
  8. Now, don’t open the barrel for 24 hours. After the 24 hours past, you will need to circulate the same water. In a way to mix it. The best way to do is it get a barrel that has a tab.
  9. Open the barrel, place a bowl under the tap and release the water. Return the same water in the barrel. Do this about 4 times until all the water is circulated.
  10. You will need to do this process once a day until the cabbage has fermented. You will know when it is soft (not too much) and when water has a distinctive taste.
  11. Here is a tip. Add one or two read cabbages to color the water to be more interesting for serving. Or add one beetroot.
  12. Stop calculating the water when it reaches this stage. Keep the barrel in a colder and dark place. It will take about 2 weeks to be finished.

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